Disciple Makers Multiplied

Training people to make disciples

DM2 General Workshops

The number of workshops held in the United States has increased greatly in the last few years. Numerous churches across the continent have sponsored workshops.

Youth Workshops


Since 2014, when the first youth workshop was held at Harlingen Bible Church in the Rio Grande Valley, DM2 has hosted many youth workshops across the United States. These workshops are for youth and taught by youth.

Women in the Word


The first International DM2 Women in the Word workshop was held in August 2018. Another one is planned for July/August 2019. The Women in the Word workshops are different from the usual DM2 workshops in that there is a charge for the food and lodging. These workshops are organized by Miranda Mathisen and Rachel Musser. This is a time for women to break away from their hectic daily schedules and be refreshed and encouraged through the teaching of the Word and fellowship with like-minded believers, with the goal of going home and hosting/teaching their own Bible studies.