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Bret Nazworth started disciple-making work in Bolivia in 2008 while he was pastoring Harlingen Bible Church, before DM2 was formed. Roberto Morales is the field director for Bolivia and has played a crucial role in ensuring the success of disciple making in this country.

The DM2-trained Bolivian pastors and leaders have consistently taught and retaught the workshop curriculums. This has revitalized their local churches. Not only have they taught their church people, DM2 Bolivian trainees have teamed together to teach hundreds of workshops in all parts of Bolivia. They have stopped at nothing, reaching out as far as Peru, Paraguay and Mexico. One leader had the DM2 Romans 1-8 curriculum translated into the native Guarani language. DM2 Bolivia has illustrated the power of following the biblical model of 2 Timothy 2:2 in reaching the world with the Gospel.

To date, the following curriculums have been taught in Bolivia: Romans 1-8, Romans 9-16, Galatians, Colossians, and the Panorama of the Old Testament.

Sierra Leone


DM2 workshops began in Sierra Leone in 2011, headed up by Pleroma Bible Church. Tommy Northcott is the regional ministry director (RMD) for this field, and Michael Turay, a long time contact of Pleroma Bible Church, is the field director.


God is doing wonderful things in this beautiful country, even in the midst of a growing Muslim influence. Based on geographical location, Michael Turay has divided the core group of disciple makers into five groups and appointed a leader for each group. These groups are teaching the DM2 material in their area, as well as helping each other put on workshops.


The DM2 curriculums taught so far in Sierra Leone are: Romans 1-8; Romans 9-16; Old Testament Panorama; Life of Christ; New Testament Panorama; Galatians, Daniel, Colossians, and Revelation. In February 2019 Pastor Clay Ward and Tommy Northcott will be teaching 1 Corinthians.


2014-10-01 13.31.12.jpg

The first DM2 workshop in Zambia was held in October 2012. Beginning with Romans 1-8, the impact of the teaching has been amazing. Approximately 150 pastors and church leaders attend each biannual workshop. Joseph Chama, a long-time friend of board member David Howard, is the DM2 field leader. He is also the leader of a large group of pastors in the region. Between workshops, Joseph remains actively involved in training disciples all over Zambia, as well as in surrounding countries.

Former Soviet Union


Mark Musser is the regional director of this area. His daughter Rachel has also led workshops in Ukraine.


The first DM2 workshop was held in the capital city of Kiev (Ukraine) in September of 2013. While many of those who attended were from Word of God Bible College in Kiev, there were also a number of Christian leaders from all over Ukraine, all the way from Kharkov on the eastern Russian border to Lviv on the Polish border in the west.


Although DM2 workshops have been held in many Ukrainian cities, including Kiev, Baryshivka, Lviv, Sinkovki, Nikolaev and Olevsk, as well as in other areas of the former Soviet Union, the ministry seems to be settling into two cities in particular - Baryshivka, which lies about an hour east of Kiev and Lviv, in the west.

Zhenya is the pastor of the Living Water Bible Baptist Church in Baryshivka and Vasya Munko is the pastor of Lviv Bible Church. Please pray for these two pastors to be able to champion the grace discipleship principles in that part of the world. Pray for them to find more opportunities to share the glories of God’s grace in other churches and places throughout Ukraine. Pray for others to pick up and continue the disciple making banner. And please pray for the very tense practically war situation in Ukraine that threatens the country’s survival.


2016-10-25 02.37.01.jpg

Brad Rigby is the field director of Myanmar. Brad travels to Myanmar twice a year. Pastor Drew Smith and District Attorney Craig Northcott take turns accompanying him. The work in Myanmar has faced numerous setbacks due to opposition to the gospel. Because of this Brad has had to start over again with an entirely different core group. However, his last trip to Myanmar was encouraging.

Pastors, evangelists and missionaries joined together for a four-day leadership workshop hosted by Pastor Go Mun on the book of 1st Timothy.

Despite a rough start that included lost luggage and canceled flights, the workshop turned out to be a great success. The attendees were overjoyed with the verse by verse teaching and begged for an extra day of teaching. Brad and Craig ended up teaching right up to the time their plane departed!


2014-10-01 13.31.12.jpg

Although the work in Liberia began in 2014, due to the Ebola virus DM2 lost a year and a half and had to start over again in the fall of 2015. The Liberia field has a strong field director, Pastor George Paye, who is a like-minded brother and champion of grace-based disciple-making. John Clark, one of DM2’s board members, is the regional ministry director of this field.

Attendance at DM2 workshops is now around 60-70 attendees each trip. After three and a half years, there are beginning to be third and fourth generation disciple-makers. In 2018, the Liberia team was able to teach two workshops, Colossians and Bible Study Methods. In February 2019 they plan to the Life of Christ Panorama.

To date these are the DM2 curriculums that have been taught in Liberia: Romans 1-8, Romans 9-16, Old Testament Panorama, Galatians, Colossians, Bible Study Methods, and the Discipleship manual.

Costa Rica


Our first Costa Rica DM2 workshop (Romans 1-8) was held in April of 2018 for the staff of a Spanish emersion school and mission located in the mountains of north central Costa Rica.


In January of 2019, we plan to travel back to Costa Rica to conduct a second workshop for the mission and another workshop for pastors and young people in a nearby town. We are also hoping to meet with a group of missionaries to discuss the possibility of setting up a DM2 workshop with some tribal leaders who have expressed interest in receiving training related to the Bible and Christianity. Ideally, these leaders would hike out of the jungle to participate in a special workshop held for them at the mission. This would create some significant cultural and logistical challenges. We ask prayer for God’s direction and wisdom as there are many hurdles, especially related to language and customs.


Our goal is to conduct workshops at the mission and other nearby locations twice a year over the next several years. Please pray that God will continue to open doors and hearts in this part of Costa Rica that is far removed from coastal tourist attractions and resorts.

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